Are you ready to start a profitable digital planner store?

We take care of the design part FOR YOU! 

Create stunning digital products including planner printables, guidebooks, planner pages, and more in half the time. Get a stunning digital product template each month you can personalize and resell!

It’s time to stand out online!


✔ Beginner digital product store owners

✔ Experienced Etsy shop owners

✔ Experienced Shopify store owners

Creatives + bloggers

✔ Course creators

Web + graphic designers

Coaches + consultants

Small business owners

Digital content creators



✔ Colorful flat lays

✔ Hand-drawn bullet journal spreads

✔ Product mockups

✔ Paper patterns + backgrounds

✔ Design 

✔ Arts and crafts

✔ Lifestyle


✔ Planners

✔ Indoor plants

✔ Mommy bloggers



✔ Journaling

✔ Party




#1 Save money + time as you build your library of digital products each month

If there’s one thing you can’t afford to do as a business owner is waste time. Qolorfix helps cut your content creation process in half or more whether you’re a service provider or you’re bulding a brand solo.

#2 Bring in consistent sales without spending hours designing

The number one thing your business needs to create an audience? Consistency! And it’s an area so many of us business owners struggle with. But showing up with content consistently doesn’t have to be hard with done-for-you templates.

#3 Create a beautiful brand and grow your side income!

Increase engagement and attention with our templates + stock images created from scratch. No more using the same old tired stock photos everyone has ran through three times. One less problem to have on your business management plate!

Need original mockup images for your printables, wall art, and more? We’ve got you. 

Stand out online with out printable and accessories mockups perfect for Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce store or anywhere else you need to show up and sell online.









Say hello to the BEST Canva template membership on these internets.

Say goodbye to generic one-off templates that buyers just gloss over. 

✔ Get a monthly delivery of a printable template set you can personalize and license to resell with Canva

✔ Access to over 500 original stock images and mockups

✔ Get instant access to membership bonuses like professionally crafted Instagram story + post templates


Grow your sales without spending hours designing products from scratch🔥









Build a digital product store that brings in the sales in 1/2 the time 

Create a bright online presence without killing your business budget. Get access to original Instagram quote templates, animated story covers, templates, and beautifully bright images that show off your brand’s true personality.

#1 Sign up for the monthly membership

Sign up below and get the best price on professional high-resolution stock photo images + templates on the market. Then get an automatic email with your new login information.

#2 Get instant access to your member dashboard, your bonuses, and templates

Login and get started downloading your favorite images and templates. Remember to keep an eye out for our monthly email with the best roundup of tips on what’s working with content NOW. 

#3 Get a monthly 15-page Canva template pack to personalize and sell with your brand colors

Add personality to your brand with our templates + stock images while you increase engagement, grow your email list, or make sales. You can ditch content creation overwhelm goodbye.



Stop trying to create digital products from scratch. Let us take care of designing original designs for you.

All you have to do is add your own brand colors, your brand name, and any other Canva graphics you want.

Post in your store, and get ready to reel in the sales with beautiful digital products you won’t find everywhere else!

Get our BONUS  Instagram story templates 

Our reusable 7-day templates that are designed to be accessible and editable with a FREE Canva account.






Build a digital product store that brings in the sales in 1/2 the time 

Create a bright online presence without killing your business budget. Get access to original Instagram quote templates, animated story covers, templates, and beautifully bright images that show off your brand’s true personality.


Spend less time creating and more time selling!






Create product mockups that stand out on Shopify + Etsy






Create stunning feminine digital products for resale.


For Founding Members Only

Founding members get access to 2 19-page templates for creating guides, opt-ins, or printables. 

Best of all? They come with a commercial license. Just add your own brand colors and features and resell them in your own store! 






Is this mic on?


tap* tap* Lets get real for Juuust one second.

The internet is starting to look really, and we mean really, similar these days. Now, while there’s nothing wrong with looking the same as everyone else if that’s how you roll, we absolutely believe there are better and more unique ways to brand your business with digital products that:


✔ Look like you took them yourself (in the BEST way)

✔ Make you truly memorable and help you stand out

✔ Help you connect with the unique people your business serves

✔ Make your business real, relatable, and shareable

That’s why Qolorfix was built from scratch.

Our big audacious #1 goal is pretty simple. We want to help you-


 Level up your digital product game to make more $ales even if you don’t have ANY design skills!


From entrepreneur to entrepreneur— let’s just say we know a thing or two about what makes a good digital product after starting a lifestyle site and finding ZERO licensed digital products we could use without feeling like my business looked absolutely forgettable. 

This sad cycle went on for years. Then we bit the bullet and invested the time to learn photography and design before our brand finally started making sales. Pretty soon, we found myself creating more mockups and digital product ideas than we knew what to do with. 

Thankfully, our struggle doesn’t have to be your story.


Here’s what you get to skip with the template membership:


The long hours of creating digital products from scratch that don’t turn out how you expected.

Needing excellent design skills to create digital products people actually want to buy.

Being ignored and missing out on sales.




What do I get with my Qolorfix membership?

Ready? Take a deep breath. Here’s everything you get to create the BEST digital products out there:

A monthly delivery of a 15-page Canva template set you can personalize and resell.

Unlimited access to our library of 500 original stock photos and mockups

Membership bonuses including dynamic Instagram post + story templates and two printable sets for resale

✔ Access to the most relevant and affordable Canva template + stock photo resource on the internet

Ready? Let’s go.




Is there a limit on the amount of images I can download with my Canva template membership?

There is no limit to the amount of images you can download. Your membership pays for access to every image + template in the membership, including the new ones we add biweekly.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Right now, we have an affiliate program for select partners only. An affiliate program that’s open to the general public is in the works! So stay tuned for that and sign up for our email list here to know when we launch the general affiliate program! 

What sizes do your planner templates and images come in?
    • Our images are at least 3,000px by 5000px +
    • Our Instagram templates are formatted to fit Instagram posts and Instagram story sizes perfectly
    • Our printable planner templates are letter-sized, 8.5 X 11. If you’d like to resize them, you can easily do that with a free Canva.

    Our images are high quality and large enough to use as cover images, headers, or Pinterest pins without losing quality. Keep in mind you can crop, rotate them, or resize them to your liking once you’ve downloaded them.

What are the ways I'm allowed to use the Qolorfix images? What's not allowed?

Here’s what you ARE allowed to do with your stock images. You can:

  • Use them in your blogs, ebooks, courses, store product images, business graphics, Instagram posts, presentations, webinars, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Facebook, or as mockups as part of your product photography
  • Use them commercially and editorially whether digitally or offline

Here’s what you CANNOT, under ANY circumstances, do with Qolorfix images. You cannot:

  • Sell our images as standalone products to third parties


  • Sell our stock images in templates for other clients to use as their own (they need to get their own membership if that’s the case)


  • Falsely claim you created any of our images


  • You cannot use any of our images in any illegal, or unlawful way


  • You cannot give your membership login information to third parties under ANY circumstances


  • You cannot share images with others for them to use as their own (they need to purchase their own membership if they’d like access to the images)

Please Note: Violating any of our stock photo rules and guidelines will result in the IMMEDIATE termination of your membership and can result in actions beyond membership cancellation with a DMCA. 

What are the ways I'm allowed to use Qolorfix's Canva templates? What's not allowed?

Please note that you ARE allowed to configure and resell our founding member’s printable planner and lead magnet templates. However you CANNOT resell any of our stock images or Instagram templates. 

Here’s more of what’s not allowed:

  • You CANNOT take our Instagram Canva templates and resell them in any way. 
  • You CANNOT take our Canva templates and sell them as part of your own membership under ANY circumstances.
How often do you send new templates?

We send Qolorfix members a new digital product template once a month.

Do I need to give credit to Qolorfix when using the templates and images?

While it’s definitely appreciated and it helps us get the word out there, there is no need to give credit to Qolorfix for any images or templates. You’re welcome to use any of the images and templates we provide without attribution.

Can I preview your images before buying?

Many of the types of images + templates we provide are features on our homepage. That gives you a pretty good idea of what’s included inside your membership once you sign up to make sure there are no surprises!

There’s also the chance to take advantage of our set of 21 free stock photo images. If you love those, you’ll LOVE the membership even more!


How can I cancel my membership?

Once you’ve logged into your account, under Subscriptions click Cancel. This will cancel your account and you will not be auto-billed when it’s time. If you run into any trouble, you can always email us at [email protected] for additional support.

How long can I use and resell your templates?

You can use the templates you download to your computer indefinitely.

Please keep in mind that our original images are for your use only. They are not to be resold or repackaged for sale in any way.

What's your refund and cancellation policy?

Our content is digital in nature, meaning that once you get access to it, it isn’t something you can return. That’s the reason why we do not offer refunds on any Qolorfix membership plans. No exceptions.

Once you purchase a membership, you get access to all our stock photos as well as our templates. If you cancel before the renewal period, you’ll have access to the images and templates up until the renewal date, when your account will automatically be terminated.


And start creating your dream brand.

Not sure about the membership yet? Get 21 free stock photos to try us out!

No attribution required. Used them for e-books, Pinterest, Instagram, and anywhere else your business needs to show up to generate an audience.